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As experienced North Carolina based criminal defense lawyers, civil rights and personal injury attorneys, we fight for the accused. Regardless of your criminal charges, we can help. We represent clients of all backgrounds, from lawyers and doctors to blue-collar workers. We treat each client with respect and understanding, and we focus on getting the best results possible.

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At Tarlton Polk, representation extends beyond the attorney-client relationship. We have an entire team dedicated to ensuring your case receives the individualized attention it deserves.

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We represent clients in criminal defense, civil rights and personal injury cases in federal and state court in North Carolina and across the United States. Our caseload includes sex offenses, high level drug trafficking charges, first degree murder cases and other serious felonies.

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Each of our criminal defense lawyers has extensive trial experience and are prepared to defend your rights in a courtroom. Our team's trial prowess will be an asset in navigating every step of your case.

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We have the talent, experience, and resolve to protect our clients’ best interests in either federal or state court at every stage of the case. Get to know our criminal defense lawyers and legal team.


My family hired Brad Polk to represent me in a probation violation case from out of state. Brad was a terrific lawyer. He was responsive to my family’s phone calls and gave them updates about me. He also was very well prepared for court. He listened to me and asked lots of questions. I swear I could see him thinking and putting things together as I spoke. My case was dismissed and I went home. Brad and his team followed up with me days later. It was a great experience.
- M.S
Raymond Tarlton is an amazing attorney. He was professional and very accommodating. I was always able to reach him for any questions I had, unlike other attorneys who take days to respond. He’s confident in his knowledge of the law, not to mention he won us the case! I can’t thank him enough and would easily recommend him to anyone with a legal matter. Thanks again Raymond!
I had a car accident and was recommended the lawyer Brad Polk. The truth is that from the first day I felt very comfortable, because they have Spanish-speaking staff and that helped me a lot to understand what the process would be like of my case. I was always informed of the whole process. I was calm to see with what seriousness and professionalism. Brad Polk fought for me to have a very good reward for my accident, Thank you, Brad!


Our Practices Areas

Our team of criminal defense lawyers can represent you or a loved one in many different kinds of cases. We also represent cases in civil rights and personal injury.










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