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Category: Legal Updates and Resources

What Happens During a Criminal Jury Trial?

By Raymond Tarlton

A criminal jury trial can be a very stressful time for anyone, and many of you probably have questions about the process and what to expect. That’s why we have decided to discuss this topic and so that we can try to help you alleviate some unwanted stress from the unknown. So, without further ado,…

What is a Motion For Appropriate Relief?

By Raymond Tarlton

Do you ever get in an argument with someone, and then hours later you realize they were wrong and their information was flawed? Are you ever sitting in the shower, wishing you could tell them how they messed up and you could prove that you were right all along. Well this same thing happens in…

Class A Felony in North Carolina

By Raymond Tarlton

Class A Felonies in North Carolina are considered the most serious felonies in North Carolina. The average person does not know the important differences between North Carolina Felony classifications. It is critical to understand which ones will possibly apply to you, and this post will show exactly what a Class A felony is. There are…

What You Should Do If You Ever Get Arrested

By Raymond Tarlton

Getting arrested can be a difficult experience, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you. In today’s post we want to discuss this common topic to help prevent you from saying or doing something that could possibly be used against you later down the road. Don’t Say Anything to The Police…

What is Tax Evasion and What Are The Consequences?

By Raymond Tarlton

Have you ever been looking over your taxes, thinking, “I have no idea what all this means?” You are not alone, and if you have made a mistake when filing taxes, you are not the only one. Making an honest mistake on your taxes is not a crime. You don’t have a degree specializing you…

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