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Class A Felony in North Carolina

Class A Felonies in North Carolina are considered the most serious felonies in North Carolina. The average person does not know the important differences between North Carolina Felony
classifications. It is critical to understand which ones will possibly apply to you, and this post will show exactly what a Class A felony is.

There are four general statutes that fall under the Class A felony classification:
(1) 14-1 (a)
(2) 14-17 (c)
(3) 14-23.2 (a)(1) and (2)
(4) 14-288.22

What Crimes Are Considered a Class A Felony?

These crimes include: murder in the 1st degree, murder in the 1st degree (child born alive but dies as a result of injuries prior to birth), murder of an unborn child, and unlawful use of a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction.

The consequences for a Class A felony are either life without parole or death.

The list of Class A felonies is a short one. This is because it is saved for the most heinous crimes, which society has demanded the greatest of punishments for. Unless you are charged with murder or obtaining/using nuclear material, then you shouldn’t have to worry about this class of felonies. If you have already been charged with one of these crimes, contact our office. We have successfully handled many cases of this nature, on both a State and Federal level, and will force the prosecutors to prove each element of these crimes beyond a reasonable doubt and ensure all
of your constitutional rights are preserved.


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