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What to do if you receive a Target Letter

By Raymond Tarlton

If you have received a letter stating you are the focus of a grand jury investigation, then you have received a Target Letter. If this is the case, I hope this note provides you with general and helpful information for you to determine the best path forward. A sample target letter is provided here. First,…

Federal Perjury and Lying to The Feds

By Raymond Tarlton

Tell the truth . . . and nothing but the truth  Have you ever watched the 1980’s film, The Goonies? If you have, then you probably remember the blender scene where Chunk confesses to the Fratellis. In my opinion, this scene (while over-the-top) provides a fantastic example of what is required to tell the truth.…

Federal Firearm Offense 924 (c) Unconstitutionally Vague

By Raymond Tarlton

924(c) Is In Part Unconstitutionally Vague In United States v. Davis, No. 18-431 (June 24, 2019), the Supreme Court held that the residual definition of a crime of violence under the federal firearm offense is unconstitutionally vague.  § 924(c) charges are brought on the accusation of using or carrying a firearm or possession in furtherance…

What is an Indecent Liberties Charge in North Carolina?

By Raymond Tarlton

What is an indecent liberties charge? Depending upon the specific facts of the case, there are several different criminal charges that involve “indecent liberties.” Each of these crimes falls under Article 26 of North Carolina Criminal Law, which includes “offenses against public morality and decency.” In general, indecent liberties charges are sex crimes that can…

What Constitutes Tax Evasion in North Carolina?

By Raymond Tarlton

What constitutes tax evasion in North Carolina, and what are the penalties for this crime? In the most basic terms, tax evasion means intentionally avoiding paying taxes you owe. Depending upon the specific facts of your case, you may be charged under either North Carolina state law or under federal criminal law. Generally speaking, federal…

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