To learn more about some of our recent results by Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyers Brad Polk and Raymond Tarlton in both State and Federal Court please click below:

Client charged with over 25 felony drug charges under 21 U.S.C. Sec. 843 (a)(3) in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.  If convicted, our client faced the potential to serve the remainder of his life in federal prison.  Because we filed an extensive motion to dismiss, the Government conceded and dismissed each and every charge.

Sex Offenses

Client came to see us after a federal search warrant was served at their residence and all electronic devices were seized.  After forensically testing their computers, over 1000 images of child pornography were found.  As a result of months of negotiations, the federal government declined to prosecute.


Client was charged with 1st degree murder facing life in prison.  As a result of filing motions to suppress for an unlawful arrest and an unlawful police station interrogation, our client accepted the State’s offer to plea to obstruction of justice and was sentenced to time already served.

Financial Crimes

Client accused of embezzling nearly $400,000 of funds from a highly reputable doctor’s office.  Consequently, our client was facing many years in prison.  Due to over a year of representation, our client was given a probationary sentence.


Client was accused of driving under the influence in a hybrid vehicle with the engine running and was convicted in district court.  Rather than accepting a Judge’s decision, we appealed to superior court, and a jury returned a Not Guilty verdict.  We hired an expert witness to testify that based on the officer’s investigation the State could not prove the engine was running under North Carolina law, since it was a hybrid vehicle.

Domestic Violence

Client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend.  After testimony from the State’s alleged victim, the Judge granted a motion to dismiss as there was not enough evidence to go to a jury.

Violent Crime

Client was charged with armed robbery of the grocery store where they worked and was alleged to be the inside man for the job by letting his co-defendant in through the back door. The State alleged that our client’s co-worker was tied up during the robbery.  Because of the nature of the charge, our client was facing multiple years in prison. After extensive negotiations with the prosecutor, our client accepted a sentence of probation.

*The examples above are some of the types of cases we have defended.  Outcomes in these cases do not guarantee future results.  Potential penalties in these cases were determined by a client’s record at the time of the offense and the nature of the charge.  A number of factors go into representation and ultimately a resolution of a criminal charge.