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drug offenses

Charge: Drug Trafficking Level 2 Marijuana (Over 50 lbs)

Exposure: Mandatory 35-51 months in prison

Outcome: Defendant did not serve one day in jail or prison and was sentenced to straight probation.

Attorney: BP

Charge: Trafficking over 100 grams of MDMA and Firearm by Felon

Exposure: Client was under a 1.25 million dollar bond and faced over 140 months in prison due to the charges and status as a habitual felon.

Outcome: After being hired we were able to have the bond reduced to 100,000 so the client could bond out.   After having the charges sent to Superior Court for trial and suppression motions on search and seizure issues all charges were dismissed.

Attorney: BP

Charge: Conspiracy to Trafficking in Heroin Level 1 (more than 4 grams and less than 14 grams)

Exposure: Mandatory 70-84 months in prison

Outcome: All charges dismissed.  We were able to convince the District Attorney’s Office that our client was a pure user who was charged by the police under a bogus theory of trafficking.

Attorney: BP

Charge: Felony PWISD Marijuana and Maintaining a Dwelling

Exposure: Felony conviction and Probation

Outcome: All charges dismissed.  The State was adamantly opposed to my client entering in to a diversionary program, due to weight of marijuana, to have the charges dismissed.  However, after nearly two years in Superior Court fighting this case my client was able to have all charges dismissed and have their record remain clean.

Attorney: BP

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